Enhance and elevate your bathroom with our premium shower enclosure that seamlessly blends modern design and superior functionality. This shower cabin is designed to provide both elegance and practicality, becoming an essential part of your bathroom.

Product features:

- 5mm Grey Glass: Strong and elegant, this glass adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom, providing privacy while retaining a modern look. The thickness of the glass ensures stability and longevity.

- Matte black aluminum profiles: With profiles in a modern matte black color, this shower enclosure brings a touch of luxury and style to your bathroom. High-quality aluminum profiles ensure resistance to corrosion and long-lasting use.

- Roller opening system: Enables easy and quiet opening, making everyday use of the shower enclosure extremely pleasant. The rollers are designed for smooth sliding and long-term reliability.

- Sold without a shower tray: Provides you with the freedom of choice in designing your bathroom. You can opt for a shower tray that best suits your style or mount the shower enclosure directly onto tiles for a modern and minimalist look.


HEIGHT                            195 cm
PROFILE COMPENSATION           20 mm   
GLASS                           6 mm tempered glass, grey
OPENING                   rollers
PROFILES                           aluminum, black


RECTANGULAR SHOWER CABIN       80×100 cm, 80×120 cm, 90×120 cm


Designed for installation on a shower tray. Possible installation in the left or right corner.

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